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Nomad Kids Camp!


$1,200 for the camp itself, travel not included

Kids from 6-12 years of age are welcome to join this summer camp for children.
9am yoga & meditation in the temple room:

Kids can love yoga even more than adults, we teach breathwork and body postures in a fun and easy way that kids love.At the end we start with 3 minutes of meditation and by the end of the week we will be completing 10 minutes of silent still reflection.

10am breakfast in the cafeteria:

We will have a special kids breakfast where they learn how to cook- over fire! kitchen safety is key in a Tibetan kitchen but kids will know how to cook for themselves at the end of the week.

11am hiking & herding in the mountains:

The children will go out and get some dri ready for an afternoon milking. while hiking the campers will learn about edible and non-edible plants and medicines.

1pm lunch 

Some of the food that they found and helped carry will be incorporated into a healthy and balanced meal that the campers help cook. 

3pm survival craft

Every afternoon the campers will learn a new craft:

-Clay statue making

-weaving & sewing


-fire making


-earth and stone building

5pm snack time

5:30 pm game time

Tibetans love playing games- football (soccer) and basketball as well as more traditional games such as wrestling and stone toss up. Kids need time to play and this will be that time!

7pm dinner

Campers will eat a healthy dinner.

8pm circle time

We will have storytellers and musicians come in to share traditional stories. We will sometimes have a bonfire to sit and talk around to end the day.

9pm bedtime

Lights out will be at 9:30 each evening. 

*Transportation to and from the site can be arranged as part of this course. We will be camping in nomad tents for one night and the rest of the time children stay inside the institute.

~We encourage Tibetan, Chinese and Foreign children to participate in this camp. We will have camp counsellors who are Tibetan, Chinese and English speaking! There will be plenty of natural language learning happening throughout the camp, as it is designed.

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