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available fromMay 1- August 30


It is said that in the time of Jigden Sumgon, all of the caves in Yushu were filled with Yogis and Yoginis, meditating and striving towards enlightenment. While the caves are no longer filled with yogins, these days mindfulness meditation practices have become popular around the globe! Garchen Institute Tibet hopes to serve as a bridge between the nomads and the rest of the world, providing access to the unbroken lineage to the great enlightened masters of Tibet, and the sacred space that they protect.

There are many styles of retreat, Garchen Institute Tibet, while Buddhists in many ways, supports all practices of ahimsa/ or non-violence and peace. If you have never done retreat prior to your stay, we can arrange a private silent retreat with boundaries, or a more casual, open retreat with wifi access.

Besides taking advantage of the space as a spiritual retreat center, the 10 large classrooms, 18 bedrooms, and cafeteria are also available for conference rental starting at 5,000rmb/$725 per day for the building rental. The building includes a large temple room, a computer lab, woodworking and weaving studio, and a lounge with a projector, and classrooms equipped with boards and desks.



-3 meals a day (nutritionally balanced, hearty, international vegetarian).  45rmb/ $7/ Day.

-accommodations for 1 person based on double occupancy per room with private green bathroom facilities and access to shared solar hot water showers.  100rmb/ $14/ Day.

-Access to a translator and retreat master.  200rmb/ $28/ Hour.

-One Way Travel to the institute from the Yushu Airport. 1,000rmb/$145/ 4 pax car.

-One Way travel to the institute from the bus station in Nangchen. 500rmb/$71/ 4 pax car.



Garchen Institute Tibet is located in between the three-year retreat center and the local sky burial site/ charnel grounds. The facilities are simple and eco-friendly. Our main concern is that you are using the space to find balance and peace, and we will do our best to help you find comfort.


You can choose to stay in a private or shared room within the Garchen Institute with a private bathroom and easy access to the temple and cafeteria

*Private retreat huts with private caves coming soon!*



Traga Rinpoche is a humble and well-realized human. He lived for many years beside Garchen Rinpoche while establishing the Garchen Institute in Arizona.                                                                                                                  

Khenpo Dorwang is a disciple of Garchen Rinpoche. After taking vows as a monk at YarGon, he left the region in order to study at Larung Gar under Khenpo Jigme Phuntsok and Khenpo Lodro. He is the teaching Khenpo for all levels at the Gar shedra.

Druppon Osel is a monk from GarGon who had the honor to study with masters such as Khenpo Munsel and Lama Gar Mingyur Rinpoche and Garchen Rinpoche. Osel gives pith instruction based on his personal realization and experience as well as the scripture.


Margaret “Meg” Ferrigno Ph.D. founder and Executive Director of the Pureland Project & Garchen Institute Tibet will arrange for your stay and assist you in setting up your optimal retreat time.  Meg speaks Tibetan and spent several years in Tibet at Gargon, including multiple solitary retreats under the guidance of Garchen Rinpoche in the huts and Gar Monastery. 


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